Thursday, August 9, 2007


Sempena BULAN PUSAT SUMBER SEKOLAH 2007, anda semua dijemput menyertai “PERTANDINGAN POWER POINT”

Syarat-syarat pertandingan :

1. Terbuka kepada semua warga SMK Serendah

2. Tajuk persembahan berdasarkan mata pelajaran

3. Persembahan tidak melebihi 10 minit

4. Persembahan tidak melebihi 40 slide

5. Hasil persembahan adalah ciptaan sendiri

6. Penyertaan adalah secara individu atau berpasangan

Tarikh tutup penyertaan: 30 September 2007

Sebarang pertanyaan hendaklah diajukan kepada Cikgu Zariah

What is a PC?

When you mention the word "technology," most people think about computers. Virtually every facet of our lives has some computerized component. The appliances in our homes have microprocessors built into them, as do our televisions. Even our cars have a computer. But the computer that everyone thinks of first is typically the personal computer, or PC.

A PC is a general purpose tool built around a microprocessor. It has lots of different parts -- memory, a hard disk, a modem, etc. -- that work together. "General purpose" means that you can do many different things with a PC. You can use it to type documents, send e-mail, browse the Internet and play games.

Here is one way to think about it: A PC is a general-purpose information processing device. It can take information from a person (through the keyboard and mouse), from a device (like a floppy disk or CD) or from the network (through a modem or a network card) and process it. Once processed, the information is shown to the user (on the monitor), stored on a device (like a hard disk) or sent somewhere else on the network (back through the modem or network card).
We have lots of special-purpose processors in our lives. An MP3 player is a specialized computer for processing MP3 files. A GPS is a specialized computer for handling GPS signals. A Nintendo DS is a specialized computer for handling games, but it can't do anything else. A PC can do it all because it is general-purpose.

A typical computer connects to the world around it in three different ways: input/output devices, ports and networking. No matter how powerful the components inside your computer are, you need a way to interact with them. This interaction is called input/output (I/O). The most common types of I/O in PCs are:
· Monitor - The monitor is the primary device for displaying information from the computer.
· Keyboard - The keyboard is the primary device for entering information into the computer.
· Mouse - The mouse is the primary device for navigating and interacting with the computer
· Removable storage - Removable storage devices allow you to add new information to your computer very easily, as well as save information that you want to carry to a different location.
· Floppy disk - The most common form of removable storage, floppy disks are extremely inexpensive and easy to save information to.
· CD-ROM - CD-ROM (compact disc, read-only memory) is a popular form of distribution of commercial software. Many systems now offer CD-R (recordable) and CD-RW (rewritable), which can also record.
· Flash memory - Based on a type of ROM called electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM), Flash memory provides fast, permanent storage. CompactFlash, SmartMedia and PCMCIA cards are all types of Flash memory. DVD-ROM - DVD-ROM (digital versatile disc, read-only memory) is similar to CD-ROM but is capable of holding much more.

by : Cikgu Zariah


Menjadi sebuah makmal komputer yang cemerlang dan unggul dalam semua bidang


~ pengurusan makmal komputer yang cekap dan berkesan
~ membentuk sahsiah warga sekolah menjadi celik IT
~ persekitaran sekolah yang peka dengan kemajuan teknologi
~ menjalin hubungan mesra dengan komuniti dan memantapkan kemudahan yang sedia ada

Jawatankuasa Induk Makmal Komputer

Pengerusi : Pn. Hajjah Mazlah bt. Hussein (Pengetua)
Naib Pengerusi : Tn. Hj. Abdul Halim b. Hj. Reduan (PK1)
Setiausaha : Pn. Zariah bt. Hj. Zainal (Penyelaras Makmal Komputer)
Naib Setiausaha : Pn. Salamah bt. Hj. Sopian (Penolong Penyelaras Makmal Komputer)
Penyelaras ICT : En. Mohd. Kamel b. Shamsuddin
Penyelaras PPSMI : Pn. Madznah bt. Bachok
Pn. Fadzillah bt. Abu Daud
Jawatankuasa : Ketua-ketua Panitia
Jawatankuasa Brigade Cyber
Jawatankuasa Kelab Komputer